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Graduate from Laurier and off to Sheridan for ATVF- directing and screenwriting. Delta Gamma ΔΓ ITB. Love to play sports, pop culture (Abed is my soul sister), reading. Vegan.

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Don and Peggy define themselves through their work all too often, and if that work is taken away from them or eroded of meaning, they’re stuck in a world where all they can think about is how little meaning life has outside of the meaning you construct for yourself. But even that meaning collapses in the face of despair or sorrow or death. Without work to give them meaning, without each other to bounce off of, what do Don and Peggy have left? Only the knowledge that they, too, will die, and that much of their lives have been hollow attempts to fill that void. 

Mad Men 7.01 Time Zones review - The AV Club (x)

BLEAK. (Also: accurate.)

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i either read for 4 hours straight or dont read for 4 months there is no in between

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best office moment ever hands down

basically just explains the office all together

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Aziz Ansari casually shutting it down

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Olaf as Disney Princesses

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Welcome to Sweden trailer, ft. everyone I’ve ever loved.

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Billy Eichner Asks ‘Would You Have Sex with Paul Rudd?’ 

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He was not pleased. [killerkenyan]


He was not pleased. [killerkenyan]